Herb Lubalin – Typography


Herb Lubalin was an american graphic designer.

Recognized as one of the most influential typographers of the 20th century Herb Lubalin provided more than amazing letterforms, he boldly designed groundbreaking imagery. After he entered college, he quickly became entranced by the possibilities presented by typography as a communicative implement. He also designed a typeface called, ITC Avant Garde.



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Cooper Type

( http://www.meetinghouse.co/2013/02/10/inspiration-herb-lubalin/ )

This type is really interesting. I like how some of the letters are connected and sideways. It makes it that more interesting to  look at.

Cooper Type


( http://www.meetinghouse.co/2013/02/10/inspiration-herb-lubalin/ )

My favourite one here is the last one ‘Families’. I like it because it incorporates figures of people in the middle of the word to show a family relating to the word written. It’s a word as image. The other two are fairly straight forward, the second one has the next part of it inside the letter ‘o’ and the first which i don’t really like, has both the ‘r’ connected to each other.

Cabeceras-Publicaciones - http-::meetinghouse.co:2013:02:10:inspiration-herb-lubalin:


( http://www.meetinghouse.co/2013/02/10/nspiration-herb-lubalin/ )

I like how the letters are intertwined to make it more fun and quirky to read and to see were each letter of the alphabet is placed.


Avant Garde Gothic

( http://meetinghouse.co/2013/02/10/inspiration-herb-lubalin/ )

This is one of the fonts that Lubalin invented called ‘Avant Garde Gothic’.

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